Attention Christian Accountants & Financial Service Providers:

 Want A Predictable Flow of New High-Quality Clients?


We’ll build your Facebook ad campaigns and deliver you your clients – If we don’t, YOU DON”T PAY!

That’s how confident we are in what we do. In fact, we are one of the ONLY performance-based agencies in the world that will take the headache of trying to build and automate your sales completely off your hands.

Imagine focusing on your zone of genius and God-given gifts while we unleash a flood of leads and clients straight to your door! And the best bit, if we don’t succeed in reaching your targets, we don’t get paid – how’s that for a silver platter?!

Please Note: Because of the performance-based nature of this service, we only take on 9 clients per month and carefully screen our clients to ensure we can 100% deliver. To find out if we’re a good fit, book a strategy call with our lead strategist, Amanda Crangle, today. Set up fee may apply if you do not currently have a funnel in place.

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We help Christian accountants & financial service providers build a profitable business from Facebook ads.

You know Facebook ads is the key to automating and growing your business, but frankly – you have NO CLUE how to even go about selling your stuff.

If you’ve ever tried Facebook ads before, you’ll understand exactly how much more complicated it really is – and that doing them wrong will end up costing thousands of dollars. We let entrepreneurs focus on their zone of genius by taking the whole process off their hands. We’ll establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we crack the results you’re after! Because we have done this hundreds of times, with hundreds of different businesses, we are so confident in our services that we are one of the ONLY performance-based agencies in the world!

Why Performance-Based?

When we took Lamplight Social’s services to online entrepreneurs, after having worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, we realized so many had been left burned (and poorer) by the experience of dealing with marketing agencies. We wanted to take the risk away from hiring an agency and started offering services on a performance basis. It works for us, and it works for our clients. What’s the Catch? Nothing – we’re so confident in our ability and we want to be able to allow businesses – both big and small (especially those that have been left burnt in the past) with an opportunity to leverage FB ads. Because of the highly risky nature of this service to us, we do require product to market proof and a validated funnel in place. A setup fee may apply if you do not have these.

Who We Work With…

Fincial Advisors & Consultants

Whether you are a financial coach that serves clients all over the world or a local financial advisor, we’ve got you covered. Our strategies are not one-size-fits-all. They are custom-tailored to your specific business, goals, and services.

Accounting Professionals

We help all types of accounting professionals grow their firms through digital marketing & unmatched lead generation. We pride ourselves on being data-geeks too as we’re led by metrics not pretty pictures (unless of course, they convert 😉 )

Ready to Put Our Team to Work For You?

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